Saturday, April 2, 2011

McFly's New Jacket

It took several hours
5 broken sewing machine needles
lots of staples (don't ask, I use what ever works!)
and a little bit of blood

But McFly will now travel in style!!!

It's not perfect, as nothing I make ever is!

But, it will work, and I think it looks pretty cool!

All I need to finish it is a giant piece of velcro to close the front

And a patch that says "McFly"
Anyone out there have the skills to make a patch?
Black with Silver letters?
Nothing fancy, just something plain,
not too big, just a couple of inches...

McFly and his Flux Capacitor!

Hello Again!

I came across something simply AMAZING this week!!

And then I blew my entire MDSW budget!

Oh wait, did I mention that I'm going to MDSW?
I sold my Drum Carder to fund a shopping spree,
and then I found this and all the money went POOF!

Introducing McFly, as in Marty McFly, 
who will both be a highly traveled sort and a bit of a knuckle head!
Complete with Flux Capacitor!

McFly is a Journey Wheel,
crafted by the very talented Jonathan Bosworth!
Who, by the way, will be at MDSW!

The fiber is from Hobbledehoy Fibers
Her batts and pulled roving are bursting with colors
they are so much fun to spin!