Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Jay is for Jana

A bit of cross posting because 
I've got something you all need to see!

Wanda Jenkins of Jenkins Spindles
has her own blog at http://fiberjoy.wordpress.com
  I got a thrill tonight when
I received an email notification that

And one of the first things I saw was this:

YAY!! One of my pics made it into the Jenkins Hall of Fame!

Wanda officially announced the Jay's to the world!

When I asked Ed if he would 
please, please pretty please make a custom spindle for me,
I never expected that I would not only get
the best spindle EVER, but that they would
also decide to name it after me!

That is the most incredible gift that anyone could give me!

So ok, technically Jay is for Jenkins too,
Which I think works out well for both of us!

Thanks Ed and Wanda!

p.s. what's this I hear about yet another spindle design?
um... I want one!
please, please pretty please!!!!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Saying Goodbye...

Galia's Fruit Salad all spun up and ready for the Sweater O' Amazing

Fruit Salad Navajo Plied

This is my Pirates Gold from CraftyPuppyLover
Who says you can spin straw into gold??

Navajo Plied GOLD

I have been contacted by so many people lately
about selling my spindles. 
It's a good thing that the Jenkins sent me so many extras, 
because they have all found new homes now.

Chuck and Sally have gone to live with Edith in Germany, 
Shelby is going to live with my BFF (Best Fiber Friend)
the Purpleheart Standard has gone to Jennifer's house in Connecticut,
and tomorrow, Jenkins is getting on a plane all by himself
to go live with Judith in the Netherlands!

I had a really hard time parting with him 
so I took him for one last spin!

This is GrapeSheep's Grape Spinable Smoothie
(it was fun to spin, you should go grab one!!)

To all of you who are getting new spindles from me, 
I'd love to see pictures of your spindles
in their new homes! 
Show me where they are spinning off to!
If you email your pics to me at:
I'll post their updates here!

And a small sweater update...
This is where I left my sweater before flying
home from Germany (wearing it in the airport!).
I've been spinning like crazy and hope to get my yarns
washed and ready to knit before the weekend. 

You can see my CraftyPuppyLover Toy Story Spin-a-long fibers her!
from the bottom up: Buzz, Woody, Hamm, and Rex!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Miss Sophie, Alvin, and Oskar


Miss Sophie in JAHtsemer's Darling Batt

Alvin in Bohoknitterchic's Clamshell

And Oskar On the U Bahn in Munich

Just outside the gate at Dachau

(was once a concentration camp)

in CraftyPuppyLover's Blue Batt

Oskar in Corgi Hill


Miss Sophie is showing off more CraftyPuppyLover

Oskar demonstrating that he really can pack on a LOT of fiber:

Alvin in more Corgi Hill

Oskar in ButterflyGirl

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Hello Jay

Above and Below: The Jay and the Lark

Above: Left to Right

Black & White Ebony, Guapinolillo, Indonesian Oak,

And the last one, that's just Chuck =)

Above: Clockwise starting with the Kuchulu
Lilac Kuchulu, Guapinolillo Jay, 
Black & White Ebony Jay, Indonesian Oak Jay,
Honduras Rosewood Delight

The usual steps to owning a Jenkins are these:

1. See one online or in public
2. Dismiss it as being too small
    or not worth your time or too expensive
3. The dreams start
4. You wake up in the middle of the night often,
    thinking of those sweet little gems
5. You decide that you must have one to stop the madness,
     you start searching and find that they are somewhat hard to come by
6. You suddenly see a de-stash or a website update
    on the Jenkins website and you swoop in and grab one.
7. for the next week, you don't eat or sleep
    while waiting for it to arrive
8. It arrives and you love it, housework, children, spouses,
    and all other responsibilities go to the way side
9. You decide you need another one
10. Return to step 3 and repeat 3-10... infinitely

Yay Jay!

This answers everything...

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

What An Exciting Day!!!

I have some big news!


that's not big enough!!

I mean



But, I'm not sure I can tell you just yet...
In fact, I think everyone should wait until...
well, until I am given the go ahead.

 For now, I will share this with you all:

In other exciting news

I got a package from Galia!!!

This is the cutest little project bag 
and it is literally the perfect size for Leroy!

To all of you Kuchulu lovers out there,
I have it on good authority that Galia
is poised and ready to make these little
bags for everyone out of different fabrics!

Watch for them in her Etsy Store!!

 And the fiber is perfect for the next stripe in my sweater!
Now I have to make the final push to finish!
I'm less inspired now that I'm home in this insane heat!!

Oh and I nearly forgot!
This pretty little lady needs a new home:

She's only been with me for a short while,
Just long enough to fly to Germany to meet Edith!
But now, I have to make a little room, for uh...
um... I mean... She doesn't like it here.
She get's airsick.

Right, yes, that's the ticket!
She has found a new home!
(and I'm an idiot, that's all I'm saying)

Sunday, August 22, 2010

geFilzt, Wollmeise, First Class, and YARN MAIL!

My last day in Germany was devoted to wool!

My day started with a trip to visit Edith at geFilzt.
We had so much fun and I gave her a Turkish Spindle lesson.

She fell in love with Chuck and Sally,
so they have gone to live with her now!

This is my loot from her shop

She gave me some really cool pencil roving.
One is missing from this shot 
because it has been shipped to someone else 
as part of a surprise!

The yarn will be going into a Bolero,
that I have already started!!

I have a few extra spindles who are
looking for loving homes.
So keep an eye out, 
they will appear here soon!

Next stop on my Day of Wool was Wollmeise!!

Admittedly, I'm borrowing some pictures
I took a few months ago on my first visit.

The Wollmeise WC!

The store was completely rearranged for the BIG SALE
to make room for all the beautiful yarn!

Wollemeise Loot!

The above sock yarns were looking for new homes.
But, others were much quicker and snatched them up!

These were up for grabs too,
but Wow you WM fans are serious!
All WM will go on a first come, first serve basis!
And they are gone!

If I decide that I can live without any
that I kept for my personal stash,
I'll let you know =)

This is all of my WM loot packed in my suitcase!
I wonder what the TSA guy thought!
(the other half of the suitcase was full of chocolate =))

I wound the skein of Poison #5 by hand in my hotel room.
I so missed my ball winder!
Winding by hand sucks.
But at least it was ready for knitting!

The next day, it was time to fly home.
I'd like to point out here that not only
did the airport carry knitting magazines,
but they had an entire shelf devoted to them!

I think it was the Yarn Harlot or Cat Bordhi who pointed out,
that they sell thousands of copies of golf and cooking magazines
in airports and you can't even do those things on a plane!
So it is preposterous that they 
don't sell knitting magazines!

Found this quote by Cat: 
"We knitters are so well on our way to taking over the world. 
Soon they will sell not only knitting magazines in airports, 
but have whole yarn shops in airports 
and learn-to-knit kiosks for waiting travelers. 
Really. I think we shall see that in our lifetimes. Can't wait." 

It's coming Cat!

Also, check out the top row!
I found the Verena Stricken fall magazine 
with the pattern for Klimt #26!!

And then something happened 
that has never happened before...

I was upgraded to 1st class!
To be fair, they called it business class,
but it was the highest class on the plane,
so I'm calling it first!

They served a 4 course meal,
complete with a menu.

And for desert they brought by a cart
of build to order Ice Cream Sundays!!

Half way through the flight, 
they brought out fresh baked cookies.
And I forgot to take a picture of lunch!

I could definitely get used to this!

Plus, check this out,
if I had had a travel wheel, 
I could have totally spun on the plane!

So on that note, I've made a decision!
As soon as my paypal account reaches a balance of $200,
I'm putting a deposit on a Pocket Wheel!
I'll have to wait until Spring of 2011 to get it,
but it will be well worth the wait!

Spun this on the plane...
My pretty yet-to-be-named Bacote,
is a little camera shy =)

This is what I did with my Poison #5 while on the plane!
It will be a pair of Knotty Gloves, when I'm done =)
The pattern is by Julia Mueller of Laris Designs.
This was the first glove pattern I found on Ravelry,
and I didn't have time to look through the others.
But, I love her glove designs and,
I think I will have to try another one of her patterns next!

So, ok, I know most of you have quit reading
since this is such a loooooooong post,
so I'll keep the rest of this quick:


Phat Fiber August - Africa

Fibreholics #7

Oh and I found these drinks when I got home.
They are a lot like a drink I really like in Germany.
I think they are called Orangecino,
or something like that.

Anywho, that's all!

I've got knitting to do now!