Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry Christmas from Bavaria

 For the second time in my life, 
the Southern US is having a white Christmas.

And I missed it...

But never fear, 
it turns out that there is plenty of snow here to keep me happy!

I couldn't decide which pictures I liked the best,
so I'm giving you all of them!
Merry Christmas everyone!

Defying Gravity


Crazy high piles of snow EVERYWHERE!
And from the other side of the Snow Pile...
 Yep, that's a van!

Remember this?
It's my favorite view in all of Germany!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Moonstones, Ewe Beaut, Phat Fiber and FO's

My very good friend Malia surprised me with a package
of some of the coolest stuff!

She made the moonstone necklace that you see above!
I love this necklace!

She also included her own handmade soap,
her own handmade supported spindle,
a little bit of Mickey and lots of fiber goodness!
 The gray fiber in the top right is Russian Goat down
and is amazingly soft!

I got this awesome set of handmade stitch markers
as a trade with Morgaine1

The little Blue Sheep are my favorite!

This is is a cool little sample package that I found called
Ewe Beaut, and it's all fiber artists from Australia!

And Here is my November Phat Fiber Boxes!
This months theme was The Season of Lights!

This is a scarf (in blocking) that I made for myself out of my Graymane yarn!

started several months ago,
was tucked out of sight and I tried to forget about it,
but then realized it would make a good Christmas present.
so.... tada!

Trying something new!!!
This is my Grizzly Mountain supported Bead spindle.

And with it is my super soft gray Russian Goat Down from Malia!

Friday, November 5, 2010

The Most Amazing Sweater EVER EVer ever!!!

The Most Amazing Sweater Ever is finished!!
It took 8 weeks to complete from
spinning to knitting to finishing!
And somewhere in there I took about a 2 week break.
So really, I could have finished it in 6 weeks!
Here it is, in its first live appearance at Bear Paw
Photo Credit goes to Carrie (CraftyPuppyLover)

This was so much fun!
Thank you to everyone who has joined me
on this little adventure of mine!

And thank you to all of the following
amazing fiber artists whose talent went into
shearing, cleaning, dying, carding, pulling,
and what ever else you talented people do to make pretty fibers!!

CJ Delights
Edith (geFilzt)
It’s A Colorful Life
W.C. Mercantile

And of course our Queen of Enabling:
Jessie with Phat Fiber!
More Information on Phat Fiber can be found here!

And the Fibreholics Group!

If you've seen your fibers spun up on spindles
and posted on my blog from August - September
and you don't see your name here or,
if your store link is missing or not working,
please email me at:
and I'll correct it!

And of course, another Thank you goes out to the Spindle Makers
who made my ability to spin non-stop a reality!
Over 80% of this sweater was spun on my Jenkins Spindles
15% was spun on my IST Crafts spindles
and 5% was spun on my Spanish Peacock spindle
(Mike, it would have been more but my SP just wasn't very portable!)

Look, we could be sisters!
Me on the left, Carrie on the right!

If you are new to the Amazing Sweater
and how it came to be, 
you can go back and read all about it!
Links to Sweater Update Posts:
Almost Done

And AtomicBlue was kind enough to locate a
great Top-Down Sweater Tutorial
for anyone interested!

And here's a link to where you can purchase this pattern:
Direct Pattern Link 

And the posts in between show spindles and spindles
full of the yarn that was spun for the AMAZING SWEATER!!

If you are looking for the pattern,
I started with the Knitting Pure & Simple pattern
for a Neckdown Long Hooded Cardigan (#225).
But somewhere past the shoulders,
it took on a life of it's own!
YAY I'm Done!!

Seattle with CraftyPuppyLover

 The George Gorge
Or The Gorge at George
Something like that...

 Or... Charm the snakes with your cool spinny thing
and then control them to do your bidding...

Houseboats are cool, except when your home sinks, that's not so cool

Gianormous Air compressors

Carrie and me in Seattle

Archie McPhee was loads of fun!
Full of many shiney things that no one needs.
I bought so much I couldn't get all of it in my
luggage to get it home!