Sunday, May 30, 2010

My Fiber Studio is born!

Look at all the pretty colors!!!

This is my Fancy Kitten Drum Carder
I sprung for the motorized one and I love it!

The bad news is, I'm really really really bad
at dying things.

So I need someone else to dye the wool for me.


So this is from stuff I had laying around:

Check out my cool vintage stool that I picked up at a Thrift Store.

And the small end table, that just looked cool
and was basically free!!

And the super uber cool 1970's
squishy green ottoman chair thingie:

Friday, May 21, 2010

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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Phat Fiber Saves the Day!!

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See here’s the thing:

I flew from Rhode Island to Charlotte to Huntsville this morning, a dear friend of mine who I called at 5:00am went to my house on his way to work, retrieved my passport and Phat Fiber boxes and took them to another friend of mine who met me at AAA where I was hoping to get an international drivers permit. She hands off the boxes and passport and I drove straight back to the airport to catch another flight back to Charlotte. I quickly crammed the contents of my boxes into easy to manage bags and boarded the flight. For the next hour, I squeeed as I pulled fiber goodness after fiber goodness from the bag and arranged them in my train case.

So here we are now, in Charlotte, waiting to board a flight to Frankfurt.

I left out the details that lead to the point of my story but, Phat Fiber saved the day!!

Oh the things we do for love!!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Bella Yarns and Vertex

OK so it turns out that with all of the amazing things that an iPad can do, creating posts in blogspot, is not one of them. But then again, I suspect that it's really blogspot's fault since it's very non-user friendly to create posts on a full size computer!

But with the use of my iPhone and this iPad combined, I think I have found a way to post. I can not, however, change the order of the pictures! So we'll go in circles!

I'm in Rhode Island tonight and will be heading to the airport at 4:00am to fly to Charlotte then to Huntsville (get off the plane, drive home as quick as I can to grab my Phat Fiber boxes!!!!!!) then back to the airport to fly back to Charlotte then to Frankfurt and finally on to Munich!

Yes, I know it's crazy, even I wonder what I am thinking at times!

But while in Rhode Island, I searched for local yarn stores that were open after 5:00pm. As you all know, there aren't many.

The only one was Bellla Yarns and all I can say is WOW! Cool store! I arrived 30 minutes before closing time and met Naomi! We hit it off right away due to our similar fiber addictions. She locked the front door when the store closed and stayed there with me for another hour and half as we played show and tell! We had such fun!

I picked up some awesome fiber and yarn from the Sheep Shop yarn company, who is unfortunately no longer in business. :(

But they are lovely!

I gave Naomi a short crash course in how to spin with a Turkish spindle and she was calling Jenkins as I left the shop to place her order!! Yay!!!

I also found a great book on working with fibers and a top down sweater pattern that I'm excited to try with hand spun yarns!!!

ok I'm growing weary from trying to edit this on the iPad so I'll come back later and add more details and links. But for now this is from Galia's Vertex pattern and knitted with my handspun Hobbledehoy Gemmy yarn!

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Friday, May 7, 2010

Meet Chuck and Zed

Meet Chuck:

My beautiful Black and White Ebony Lark
The latest edition to my Jenkins family!

Meet Zed:

Zed is the full size that I picked up from
Carolina Homespun at Stitches South.
And I have to admit that even though
my lovely family is growing...
I really wish I had also gotten
one of the bigger sized Jenkins
that Carolina Homespun had at the show.

And everyone already knows Leroy:

And Jenkins:

The whole family:
Please note: Chuck did sign a waiver
stating that he could be photographed naked.

Here's another shot of him clothed:
just so you'll know that he's not a total pervert...

Is That a Cat Toy?

I get a lot of comments when I spin in public.
They range from "What are you playing with"
to "What the heck are you doing"

But this one took the cake!

This is David who on this day was working
the Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage
ride in Disneyland.

When it was almost my time to load into the submarine
he says "Is that a cat toy?"

I started laughing and said,
"That is so going in my blog!"
He even offered to even pose with Leroy for me!
Thanks David!

Then he said he understood,
his crazy obsession is Geocaching
and he gave me a Geocoin

I do have a hidden cache of my own
and I was planning to post the coordinates here
but it turns out it's been a few years
and I forgot my password and can't find
the coordinates for my cache.
I guess it's really bad when the
owner can't find it.

Oh well, I use to have a cache...
Just showing off how well coordinated Leroy and I were.

Rocking Space Mountain really rocks!

I must admit that this one is better than the one in WDW!


Cute kid chasing Alice and the Mad Hatter
No idea who she is,
just thought it was worth a picture!

We've been over this you dumb princess...

Look Leroy and Clifford made it to Hollywood!

I always knew the little guy was going to be famous one day!

Male Ducks are Jerks

Nearly an hour of my time in Disneyland
was occupied by these ducklings.

They were lost and were crying for their Mama.

Luckily a Cast Member had seen them and came
to protect them from the many park goers
that would have loved to scoop one up.

She knew that they shouldn't be touched
and she was trying to herd the poor babies
off the side of a bridge to the water below.
(at least a 10 foot drop,
which is enormous when
you are 3 inches tall!)

Soon a group of people showed up to help
and we were all giving words of encouragement
to the poor duckies.

You can do it! Jump!

Seriously, I'm in Disneyland and I spend
precious time looking out for the well being
of these little guys.

But what can I say, I needed to know they were ok.

They lined up on the side of the bridge
and timidly looked over the edge.

One by one, they eventually jumped
and landed safely in the water below!


Once they were all safe,
we realized why they had been lost in the first place.

Apparently it's mating season,
and that Duck that is posing as the Daddy duck,
is really chasing the Mama duck down
like the pig, I mean duck, that he is.

The poor Mama was out numbered 6 to 1 by the male ducks.
They all chased her down at the same time
and grabbed her by the neck and pushed
her under the water.

I thought for sure they were trying to kill her.

We were all screaming for them to stop,
until a guy who apparently worked for
the parks department came over and explained
that no, they were just trying to mate with her.
Very aggressively

She did eventually get away from them and flew away.
We all cheered for her escape.

But alas, she had abandoned her babies once again.

From now on, I will always call men "Ducks"
when they are too forward.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Watch Out Leroy!

Stupid Girl, this is not a spindle and
you couldn't have possibly pricked your finger on it!

Monday, May 3, 2010

I've Got A Golden Ticket!

I've got a golden chance to make my way!
And with a Golden Ticket it's a Golden Day!
This weekend, we are in Disneyland in sunny California!
And it turns out that if you have an annual pass to
Walt Disney World in Florida, and an annual pass to
Disneyland Resort in California...



This is like the meca Disney pass, I get a whopping 20%
And 15% off all food.
This makes for Happy Disney Days
(not that there are ever any non-happy Disney days!)

I found some real live goats in Big Thunder Ranch in the Magic Kingdom

They were so sweet and wanted to be loved.
I introduced Leroy to them!

And then this rascal ate my hat, right off my head.

This is the hat in question:

This was the face he made after eating my hat...
must have tasted bad!

At least he didn't try to eat Leroy!

Last week was the Teacups in WDW this week DLR!

And if there is one thing that Leroy as learned in the last few weeks,
it really is a Small World after all!

This is a Jana Door
They are all over the world and sized just for me.
But I think this one might be a bit too small.
No Time to Say Hello, Goodbye!
There are 24 usable hours in everyday!
Don't be Chicken Leroy

Forgot to mention, the beautiful Red fiber I am spinning
is from Craftypuppylover and was in my
April Phat Fiber box!!!!
I want more!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Leroy Visits the Pacific Ocean

Just after leaving San Diego and just before heading to Anaheim!