Sunday, January 23, 2011

Kentucky Yarn Crawl and January Phat Fiber

 My January Phat Fiber Boxes arrived and I must say,
They are AMAZING!!
 And because it is the anniversary of Phat Fiber,
Jessie included full size samples in random boxes!!!!

I got a full skein of yarn from Treasure Goddess!!!

 And I was so lucky, because I also got full size batts

 And my yarn for the Boho-Crafty Spin-A-Long
became this neckwarmer/cowl!

 So on Saturday, a friend and I jumped in the car 
and drove to Elizabethtown, KY to meet Brandolph3,
and deliver his new Kromski Sonata Spinning Wheel!!
(yes, it was mine, now it's his, and who wants to ship it,
when you can turn it into a roadtrip??)

I regret to say that I didn't take a single picture while
Ben was there :( But it was great to meet him and
his family and share our spinning and knitting stories!

 They were having a knitting class and it was such fun
to meet all the ladies and talk about fibery things!

This is Luna (LunaTheFarmLady), she owns the shop,
and she welcomed us in to spin and knit with them for a while!

 I bought this super lush batt made by Luna herself!
 And some self striping Cherry Tree Hill
(I'm on a self stripping kick...)

The ladies at the store gave us a great recommendation for lunch!
My friend from Nashville and I headed over to Glendale, Ky
They said it's not the one from Fried Green Tomatoes,
but you could have fooled me!

 The food was deep fried and AMAZING!

Then I stopped at the Neighborhood Knit Shop in
Hendersonville, TN!!

I met Sharon (Knitshopgirl) who showed me around!

 I picked up some ChiaoGoo needles and this super soft yarn
to make yet another hat!

Also, I have fallen into the deep end of Ravelry and 
It has sucked away all my time this week but I have scored
some AWESOME yarn as a result. 
I may have to ban Ravelry for a week or two though so that
I can get some knitting/spinning done!!


Check out the iphone friendly gloves that I made from 
Twisted Limone in Chocomint!
And another Sockhead hat from Twisted Limone in Jean-Jeanie

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

New Year, New Spindles, and a New Car

Happy New Year Everyone!

Now that I'm done with all of my 2010 Christmas Knitting
I have time to do a little spinning.

For Christmas I got 3 new spindles from
a new spindle maker Jeribrock

She is doing amazing things with cutouts in the wood,
I urge you all to rush out and get one!

They spin without even the slightest hint of a wobble.
I still love my Jenkins spindles,
but I'm very excited to see anthother
spindle maker who can compete!

This was a test Spindle that Jeri made while
trying to figure out how to make a Chrome64 spindle!
We decided on the  C64 design but,
she sent me this one as a gift because
she couldn't bare to throw it in the discard pile!

I'm so glad she didn't!!

 This is yarn that I have spun for the Craft-Boho Spin A Long
I chose the Borealis batts and Brittany made me 3 different baby batts,
and I got a super cool night owl bag from Carrie!
No pictures of it as it is being used at the moment!

 I spun them all separately and then plied them together!
I ended up with 120 yards of 3-ply!!
Now, what to do with it?

ZOMG it snowed in ALABAMA

See my pretty new car?
This is a Sockhead hat that I made for myself out of the 
elusive Rainy Days Wooly Dogs OhMyGoth "He's a Mean One" yarn.
I purchased this yarn during the 5 hour update from hell
so I'm a little proud of it!