Friday, October 29, 2010

Bear Paw 2010

 Welcome to Bear Paw 2010
I got a great opportunity to go to a Spinning Retreat
in Newport, Washington!

It turns out that with all this traveling that I do,
I had earned enough miles to fly for free! 
(well for a $10 fee...)

When I arrived, I met some of the most famous
Fiber Gals in the world!

Many of them get credit for the amazing fibers
used in the Most Amazing Sweater Ever (updates to follow...)

We had a blast! 
And the only complaint I had was there wasn't near enough time! 
(Reit is the lovely lady on the far left in this photo!
She was great, and had some great advice 
about husbands and relationships...)

We all chipped in and knitted a scarf for the bear
out of lovely thrift store yarn that Sue (Tighe)
was kind enough to bring!
-hey the bear wasn't picky!

 So here we all are, From Left To Right:
Me (chrome64), Sue (Tighe), Brittany (Bohoknitterchic), 
Carrie (Craftypuppylover), Shannon (Sparkleshan), Kat (Atwhittzend), 
Jennifer (Desertgarden), and Kirsten (countingcoup).

Loook at all the Wheels!

 See, I'm even trying a spinning wheel, 
A Babe to be exact!
 Shannon (on the right) flew in from Connecticut!
We both got a bunch of attention just because
we flew all the way out there
just for a spinning retreat!

Loving on some Craftypuppylover fiber in person!

Getting lots and lots of attention as I try to corespin!
It was a crazy, prison like, feeling being stuck
to the spinning wheel. I couldn't get up until I was done.
I think that's one of the reasons that I love my
spindles so much! I could walk around the room and
see what everyone else was doing while I was spinning!

We even made it to Idaho, briefly,
after we missed the turn for Bear Paw!

And this was the Throw Down!
We all brought fibers in pink, white, and silver
and then we weighed what we brought,
mixed it all up, ran it through the picker (a.k.a death machine),
and then everyone got back the same amount they brought,
only all mixed up!

This was Sue #2 (only because Tighe was the first Sue we knew)
And she was loads of fun!
But she doesn't have a computer,
so she likely won't read this,
unless someone prints it out and takes it to her.
But she gave me her number
and said I could come stay with her anytime I'm in town!
 She was veeeery excited about the throw down!

This is DesertGarden (Jennifer), Tighe (Sue), and Sue #2
with the above mentioned Death Machine.
It has Giant Death SPikes on it and is covered in warning signs.

You have to swing it back and forth with the 3inch iron death spikes
getting dangerously close to your chest 
and to the person on the other side!

It still scares me just to look at these pictures!

Sue (Tighe) was a master at the Picker (it was her's after all)!

She also went home with a very special,
Texas Ebony Jenkins Kuchulu!
It was such a pretty little spindle!
(see pic of JQ with said spindle below!)

Oh and I managed to take a nice little family of Jenkins
to sell at Bear Paw!
It was so much fun to watch people's faces light up
when they saw them for the first time!

Sue #2 bought 2 for herself and a third for a friend!

Once Sue #2 saw the Amazing Sweater,
she was convinced that if she touched me
and my spindles then she would
"absorb the awesomeness"
and be able to spin instantly!
 She was also convinced that I would be able to teach
the ways of a top whorl spindle...
Well, all I can say is, it gave me a chance to spin
on a Bossie, which was cool,
and it was a very pretty spindle. 
But, alas, top whorls are just not for me!

And still, no magic was transferred...

And this is Jennifer (Gynnifer)
Who was so very excited to find
that I had brought some Jenkins Spindles to sell!

 JQ (JQKnits) is trying out Sue's new Kuchulu!

Carrie and Brittany were very sad when it was time to go.

Now having met some of my favorite fiber artists on the webs,
wouldn't it be cool if we all cleaned out their etsy stores?
Here are links to each of their shops for easier shopping ability!
Have fun!

Turtles, Headless Horseman, Grave Diggers and Things that go Boom

Hey Everybody!
I'm back and I have lots to share!

I'll start with Disney and some really cool videos 
that I made with my iphone 4.

Disclaimer: It's really hard to hold an iphone still for videos 
and the lighting is really not my fault...
(they are still fun to watch!)

As Crush says:
Go With the Flowooo o o o o o wo o o o o

Next up is the Main Street Band
on Main Street USA
Magic Kingdom

And the Barbarshop Quartet with cool chimey things


Wishes... Share a Dream... Wishes
Shot from the top of Bay Lake Tower
of Disney's Contemporary Resort
Who's rooms were ridiculously too small.


And one of my very favorite things about Disney:
Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party!!!

The Headless Horseman Rides Tonight!!

And my all time Favorite!!!

The Grave Diggers

And Dancing Dead People!
I want to be able to dance when I'm dead!

And Look!
It's the Main Street Electrical Parade!
(can you tell that I love Main Street?)

And here's a few more shots from 
the Wizarding World of Harry Potter
It was really really cool, I must say!

ButterBeer ZOMG Yum!

Including, but not limited to:
Liver, Squid, Dirt, Glue, Compost, and Strawberry Jelly

Chocolate Frogs

Zonko's Joke Shop

And I spotted Ron Weasley (as seen in his first year)
greating the conductor of the Hogwarts Express
found on platform 9 & 3/4

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Coming Soon to a Blog Near You


 I've been away on many fun adventures,
followed by real life forcing me to act like an adult...

But Coming this  Friday:
more pictures and blog posts than you can shake a stick at.

I promise

To prove it, here's a picture of Harvey

Saturday, October 9, 2010

More Disney Fun

We indulged in a Kitchen Sink from Beaches and Cream!

Today we are being lazy by the pool at Bay Lake Towers and Atlas is keeping me company!

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Thursday, October 7, 2010

A Sad Day for Randall

So the day started out good. In fact it was great right up until the very end...

Here's me all happy with my boy Mickey:

We went to Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party and got lots and lots of candy!!

When I returned to my room and sat down to sort through my loot, I heard a cruuuuuuunnnnnnch!

I looked down and saw that I had sat on my backpack, which of course had a small project bag in it with Randall and fiber for spinning in the parks.

My worst nightmare had come true...

I'm so sad.

I've sent an email to Ed and Wanda Jenkins requesting 2 new Jay shafts for Randall. But he's officially out of commission for the rest of this adventure.

I brought Atlas too, so I can still spin but I now have a broken shaft and a broken heart :(

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I'm mad for Tigger

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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Randall is having a good time in Hogsmead!!

In line for butterbeer!

Notice the Gryffindor colored yarn (around my neck!!) that I spun while waiting to go into Olivanders!

Hogwarts Castle!

More pictures from the Wizarding World when I get home!!

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Disney Fun 1

Look! I found Phat Fiber socks!!

Mickey Mail

Yes going to Disney with me is in fact this awesome:

And this was just Epic!
No idea who the poor girl is....

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