Friday, October 2, 2009

Welcome to Hamburg!

Moin Moin!

I survived the streets alone and had a rather successful yarn shopping adventure...

This is the apartment that I stayed in! It was a great deal at only 60 Euros a night. Although, Tarzan was living above us, his keepers enjoyed rearranging the furniture to give him better launching points on a regular basis, and I could hear the neighbor's clinking dishes every time she washed dishes! It was a great addition to my many adventures and I loved living the Hamburg life for a few days!

Hamburg was covered with Bicycles and I learned the bicycle rules very very quickly! There were bicycle paths in addition to walking paths EVERYWHERE. And you should NEVER EVER walk in the bicycle path, because they will squish you. And you should look both ways before crossing the bicycle path, just like crossing the road.

Unfortunately, I never found a place to rent one but it turned out that the subway system was great and I was able to go everywhere I wanted to go!

First stop: Pur Pur

Pur Pur sells upscale boutique clothes
and hand knitted items in addition to knitting supplies.

Nothing like seeing hand
knitted sweaters selling for 200 Euros!

I found a lovely scarf, in orange, red, and yellow,
that was marked for 40 Euros...
found the yarn for 16 Euros,
counted the stitches and soon the needles were clicking!

Speaking of needles...
Check out the size of these Addi Turbos!!!
15mm (US 19)
Next Stop: Wolle Laden
But they don't open until 1300 and I had an hour to waste.

Then I found this place,
I wondered in because the front windows were lined with
shiny jars filled with the most wonderful buttons!

These guys were making one of a kind,
hand made leather coats and purses.
They were amazing!
I looked at a couple of their jackets and
they were sporting a price tag of around 300 Euros.

They were happy to show me their work
then they sold me a handful of buttons for a very fair price
of about .50 Euro cents each (they even threw in a few extra!)
One day I will go back when I have 300 Euros to spare
and get them to make a jacket for me!

Finally Wolle Laden opened!!

It is owned and ran by the sweetest lady in all of Hamburg.
I don't remember her name,
probably something I would say incorrectly anyway!
She spoke a little English but as always,
we both understood the language of knitting!!

All of the yarn in the shop was hand dyed by her.

Some of it was hand spun as well!

She was selling 100 grams for about 6,50 Euros!!

I also found some lovely silk yarn that she sold me for 10 Euros
she was worried that it cost too much =)

She was so sweet and gave me some
pink roving for spinning myself!

All the way back across town now to the Gaarnhuus!!

I got a little lost, found a mud pit that I wish I had played in,
and the circus of the knights who say Knie

This store also sold pricey clothes
and had a nice selection of fabrics (also pricey!)

100 grams for 8 Euros!!

I had lots of fun, bought lots of pretty pretty yarn,
I even wore the dead cat sweater
(who may officially be dead now...
seriously considering dying it in the turkey fryer).


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