Tuesday, January 11, 2011

New Year, New Spindles, and a New Car

Happy New Year Everyone!

Now that I'm done with all of my 2010 Christmas Knitting
I have time to do a little spinning.

For Christmas I got 3 new spindles from
a new spindle maker Jeribrock

She is doing amazing things with cutouts in the wood,
I urge you all to rush out and get one!

They spin without even the slightest hint of a wobble.
I still love my Jenkins spindles,
but I'm very excited to see anthother
spindle maker who can compete!

This was a test Spindle that Jeri made while
trying to figure out how to make a Chrome64 spindle!
We decided on the  C64 design but,
she sent me this one as a gift because
she couldn't bare to throw it in the discard pile!

I'm so glad she didn't!!

 This is yarn that I have spun for the Craft-Boho Spin A Long
I chose the Borealis batts and Brittany made me 3 different baby batts,
and I got a super cool night owl bag from Carrie!
No pictures of it as it is being used at the moment!

 I spun them all separately and then plied them together!
I ended up with 120 yards of 3-ply!!
Now, what to do with it?

ZOMG it snowed in ALABAMA

See my pretty new car?
This is a Sockhead hat that I made for myself out of the 
elusive Rainy Days Wooly Dogs OhMyGoth "He's a Mean One" yarn.
I purchased this yarn during the 5 hour update from hell
so I'm a little proud of it!