Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A Good Day for the Post


What's that you say?

"J, is that a polka dotted table you have there?"

Why yes! It is!! Cool huh?!?

And happily sitting atop the dots is my new serger! It took me about 30 minutes to carefully follow the instructions to thread it and then off I went!

I was so excited that I wanted to serge something, who cares if I know what I'm doing?

So I grabbed some fabric and went nuts!

I managed to come up with a crooked wacky poorly done circular needle holder! But it was so easy to use. So now I know that if I slow down and get some instructions on how to do things with this contraption (like how to do a straight line), then I can make some awesome stuff.
(yes mostly things to hold my knitting things!)

Here it is! Project number one (a small subset of the Hamburg Project...):

I also got my Chrome64 zipper pull and it is really awesome! I must have more of them =)