Thursday, August 20, 2009

Brainstorming Bailey

I was cleaning out my car, while driving down the road in the rain and I found my Bailey design stickie:

So I thought I would tell about Bailey on my new blog!

Bailey is the creation of a good friend of mine who is an amazing artist!

So I knitted a Bailey for him:

Then he flew away. He now lives with Lelly, his creator!

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Weird or Cute? said...

May I just say that I recently had the great honour of meeting Bailey in the wool, so to speak, and he is a masterpiece! If only I could knit anything half as exciting I'd knit far more often *doffs hat to superb knitting craftmanship*


Frannigan said...

Bailey is awesome, i've also met him a few times and is so well made :)

I was wondering, do you take commissions?