Friday, June 11, 2010

Do you ever find yourself in the strangest of situations?

after recovering my passport and successfully flying to Germany,
I lost my ATM card in a machine in Frankfurt.

I also discovered that the place I was planning to stay,
was suddenly very very far away.
But a very kind person made arrangements
for me to stay in an apartment here.

It was a mile and a half away from
my newly discovered destination.

So I walked, every morning, and every night.

But I was very VERY thankful to have a place to stay.

This is the path that I walked and it was dark and creepy.
And at times, I felt like I was in a scene from the Blair Witch Project.

Or at least some B grade horror film.

I imagined how it would all go down
if I suddenly vanished from this earth
because some psycho jumped from the woodsand ran off with me...

All they would find is poor little Leroy,
All alone in the woods
Probably scared, cold, and naked.

But no one snatched me and
I was never chased by a chainsaw,
so all is well =)

It even looked creepy in the daylight.

Not really sure what this was.
There were several towers like this one.They looked like guard towers...

But to make up for the creepy,
I was greeted by this lovely view in the morning walks!

And a few kitties!

Excuse me Mr. Kitty, do you speak German?

Mitzi Mitzi Mitzi

Do you know "Worst Hunter Cat?"
You look like you might be related.

Plus the birds mocking you in the trees,makes me think you do.


I want one of these in my house!

OK, back home

And I have to tell you about this little bear.
No idea why I have to tell you, I just do.
I have a riding lawn mower and have a rather large yard
that I have to keep up.
It sucks.
I only cut my grass because society says I have to.
I would like to replace it with one of those great
rock yards like out west.
Or Astro Turf!
But I have grass and my neighbors give me dirty looks if I don't cut it.
So I was on my riding lawn mower,
writing my name in my yard...
(I may have to cut it, but I do not have to go in straight lines...)

And I saw something in the grass.

I stopped and picked it up and it was this little bear.
He was filthy, completely covered in mud.
I assume he was a dog toy in his former life.
So I rescued him and put him on top of the mower until I was done.

But then later, I was trying to cut around a tree.
I went under a limb and the next thing I know,
bear parts are flying everywhere.
I had knocked the poor guy off and decapitated him.

I was so sad.
So I picked up all his pieces and brought him home.

I removed the stuffing,
ran him through the washing machine a few times.
And then restuffed with fresh stuffing him and stitched him up!

He seems to be recovering ok.

Now onto yarny stuff!

I made a wonderful discovery on Ravelry this week!

People like to trade!
And I have lots and lots of Fiber related goodies to trade!

So, I traded a ThreadsThruTime Tiny Spindle for a new Jenkins Kuchulu!!
All of the Kuchulu's are numbered and this is #21!!
I think it's pretty cool to have one of the very first ones!

Leroy is #193

(We haven't decided on a name yet...)

And this is my new IST Crafts Spindle
This is really a great spindle!

(also un-named)
I won't say that it's better than my Jenkins,
but it is just as good!

They are different
(I promise to provide a full review of all Turks
that I have tried, sometime in the future...)

And here is my custom made Spanish Peacock!!

It's so pretty!
It also falls into the category of at least as good as my Jenkins!

Zed sporting a full 4oz!

That later became a hat,
that is too big for me.

So, if you know me,
and your head is bigger than mine,
and you like this yarn,
we might be able to work something out. =)

Zed again

with my first handspun yarn
from one of my very own batts!

This is the ThreadsThruTime Tiny spindle
that I traded for the Kuchulu above!

Good Trade!