Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Poor Weasel

I'm back in Germany and happy to report that I am no where near the scary woods!! The weather is beautiful so I decided I would go for a jog every morning! On the first day, I ran down to a little bakery about a half mile away. Very near the bakery, I saw a small animal that appeared to be stuck in a door. It turned out it was a weasel. It was so small and scared. I knew not to touch it but I couldn't just leave it there. So I got up the nerve and I approached some men that were having breakfast. I explained, very poorly in German, that he was stuck and needed help and I showed them a picture. One spoke English and went with me to check it out. Turns out, the little guy had been hit by a car. He went to the next house over because he said a hunter lived there and would probably put him out of his misery. The hunter said he couldn't shoot him there in the middle of the houses (thank goodness) and that he would see if he could help him first. I decided to not stick around to watch any "putting out of misery".

I had managed to gather 3 men and a dog before I left though. At least I tried to help. I never would have been able to live with myself if I had just walked away.

This is the Hunter's dog! I forgot to ask his name but he is a great dog!
I stop to tell him hello every morning now!!

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