Sunday, April 18, 2010

Chrome64 Grand Opening on Etsy!!

It's finally here!
Today is the GRAND OPENING of my very own Chrome64 Etsy store!!!

Come join me at: see all
the great handmade things I will be selling!

I feel a constant need to be creating something, anything, my hands must be busy.
I feel guilty when I sleep because of wasted time!

I'm hoping to use Etsy as a way to both share my creations and also a way to recycle them to provide funding for my future creations! So basically, I buy fiber, I spin it or knit it, I sell it, I make money to buy more fiber, that I then spin or knit to sell to make more money to buy more fiber, to spin, to sell, to buy, to spin, to sell, to buy...

I suppose you could say
I'm going green with my knitting/spinning obsession.

Only for my blog readers, I'm having a Grand Opening Sale!
Send the message "Got Yarn?" in the notes
And I will refund 10% of your purchase total
(not counting shipping)
This offer is good until April 30, 2010

Happy Shopping!!