Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Wooly wooly wolle in the Alps

So here I am hopping all over the world.
And with me I have Jenkins and Little Leroy!
Before I left, I really wanted a Namaste Buddy Case,
but as always, I decided this 2 days before I left.
I really didn't want to pay for overnight shipping!
So, I had to come up with a new plan.

I started in the makeup aisle of Target.

I found this lovely little hard sided Caboodle case,
which has proven to be much better than the Buddy Case (IMO)!

Above you can see my Jenkins Kuchulu loaded with my Phat Fiber
Captain Planet sample batt from CraftyPuppyLover!

And my clever packing material is Rare Earth BFL from Natchwoolie
(note, I suppose I'm not very clever if I can't spell clever...
I had to look it up! :)

And yes, I spun that on the plane from the US to Germany!
(among others...)

I can comfortably spin on a plane with someone in the seat next to me!!
(not sure if it bothered them... most people stare, mesmerized,
I sometimes wonder if I can hypnotize them: "now quack like a duck!")

This shot is for scale, See? This case is much deeper than the Namaste Buddy.

Next up:

This is all of the yarn that I have spun since I left the US.

I've enjoyed 6 glorious days of being completely lazy,
Watching every episode of Battlestar Galactica back to back
(just started season 4!!!!!1),
And spinning all of my Phat Fiber Samples from my March box
with my Jenkins Spindles!

I'm going to knit an Entrelac Scarf with my spindle spuns!
Today, we noticed that there was this strange
yellow thing shining through the windows and
decided to go see what that was about.

It was a perfect day for cruising through Bavaria
in a sweet little convertible.

We found ourselves on a winding mountain road,
surrounded by the still snow covered Alps.
In the valley, was Bad Hindelang and it was magical!

Look Close!
I'm spinning in the Alps!

And there was snow!!!

It was like 75 degrees F!!

My snowball plastered the photographer just after this shot :)
And tucked away in the mountains we found a Sheep Farm!!


In their store they sold all kinds of goods made of wool.
For the weavers out there, they had a HUGE weaving loom.
Lots of rugs, blankets, shoes, clothes,
and various other sheepy things!

Not to mention wool for spinning and felting!!!!

This is my rather large haul:
(€20 and $20 bills shown for reference :)
100g of each color
A wee little Sheep Soap made from Sheep's Milk and Lanolin!

Little felted balls that will one day find their way
into some super funky art yarn!

Starbuck is my hero