Monday, April 12, 2010

Leroy In the Windy City!

And Now we are in Chicago!

We made it after a 9 hour flight from Germany.
I spun the entire flight,
the entire flight.

OK, so I'm in Chicago, I make it onto the public transit
system, the CTA and I try to look like a local.
I must admit, it was a little unnerving being alone
both on the subway and in the city.
But it was worth it =)
At one point I found myself in the Theatre district.
And apparently they were having some kind of red carpet
event for the broadway show Billy Elliot.
Lots of Limos, cameras, and people wearing clothes
that probably cost more than all my yarn combined!
No idea who any of them were, but I stood
there being a lookie-loo while smearing my
face and hands with the yellow goodness
that is Garrett's Popcorn!
My favorite thing in all of Chicago, is the Bean!

It's a Magic Bean!
Instantly people start making faces
and jumping into the air,
It's a silly bean!

Anyway, I love it and so did Leroy!

Here's my Sheep to Skein in 1 Flight Yarn!

Towards the end, I couldn't keep the yarn on the spindle.
It was just like being in my car, out of gas,
and begging my car to make it one more mile!
Maybe if I turn off the A/C
and roll up the windows,
we can make it!

But here she is, finished 5 minutes before landing!

Everyone was amazed!

Oh and I almost forgot, I met a very interesting man from Denmark.
He was returning to his home in San Diego but had been
in Tuscany Italy for the last week riding
off road motor cycles with is buddies.

But the interesting part, was that he knew
everything about the processing of wool
from the sheep to the spinning.

He said he learned it in a Midievil Village somewhere in Europe,
where they do everything the old fashioned way.

Anywho, I was impressed.

I miss Germany so much :(
So, I thought I would share with you
my favorite view in all of Germany!