Sunday, September 5, 2010

Chuck and Sally Update!

Chuck and Sally are enjoying their new home 
in Germany with Edith!

Here's what they've been up to:

From Edith: "I like to spin a very thin yarn with Sally, 
but also a little thicker with Chuck (very nice with the wool silk!)"

I gave Edith some samples from Bohoknitterchic,
CCSmile2006, and a few others!

Look at how much she packed onto Sally!

There are so many pretty flowers every where in Germany!
Just growing on the side of the road even!
I could go for a walk and pick a full bouquet
without taking a single flower from someone's yard!

Sally in her new sweater (handdyed merino):

Chuck likes wool-silk (it´s 75g!!!):

Sally loves flowers :-)

Back home again and this is from my Famous Couples Spin-A-Long
which is a Craftypuppylover/Bohoknitterchic collaborative Spin-A-Long
This is Fred from my Fred and Ginger batts!

This is my plied Grape Sheep Smoothie!
She has some adorable hand made Teddy Bears in her shop too!
So cute!

Now, to prove that I do not have a one track mind...
I spun half of my Thelma & Louise 
(not sure which one this is, 
but I know it's Craftypuppylovers...)
Famous Couples SAL on my new
Butterflygirldesigns top whorl glass spindle.

So, I can do it, and it's a very very pretty spindle.
And it's very pretty when it spins.

But I just don't think that spindle spinning, on
anything other than a Turkish, is for me!

You see, now I have to wind this off of the spindle
before I can ply it.
That's just more work...

But I tried it, I proved I could do it.
And now I'm good, I no longer need this spindle!
So, Who wants it?
$25 including priority mail shipping within the US.

I have other top whorls that I will be selling,
but I insist on trying them before selling them.
I'll let you know!