Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Jay is for Jana

A bit of cross posting because 
I've got something you all need to see!

Wanda Jenkins of Jenkins Spindles
has her own blog at http://fiberjoy.wordpress.com
  I got a thrill tonight when
I received an email notification that

And one of the first things I saw was this:

YAY!! One of my pics made it into the Jenkins Hall of Fame!

Wanda officially announced the Jay's to the world!

When I asked Ed if he would 
please, please pretty please make a custom spindle for me,
I never expected that I would not only get
the best spindle EVER, but that they would
also decide to name it after me!

That is the most incredible gift that anyone could give me!

So ok, technically Jay is for Jenkins too,
Which I think works out well for both of us!

Thanks Ed and Wanda!

p.s. what's this I hear about yet another spindle design?
um... I want one!
please, please pretty please!!!!