Friday, October 29, 2010

Turtles, Headless Horseman, Grave Diggers and Things that go Boom

Hey Everybody!
I'm back and I have lots to share!

I'll start with Disney and some really cool videos 
that I made with my iphone 4.

Disclaimer: It's really hard to hold an iphone still for videos 
and the lighting is really not my fault...
(they are still fun to watch!)

As Crush says:
Go With the Flowooo o o o o o wo o o o o

Next up is the Main Street Band
on Main Street USA
Magic Kingdom

And the Barbarshop Quartet with cool chimey things


Wishes... Share a Dream... Wishes
Shot from the top of Bay Lake Tower
of Disney's Contemporary Resort
Who's rooms were ridiculously too small.


And one of my very favorite things about Disney:
Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party!!!

The Headless Horseman Rides Tonight!!

And my all time Favorite!!!

The Grave Diggers

And Dancing Dead People!
I want to be able to dance when I'm dead!

And Look!
It's the Main Street Electrical Parade!
(can you tell that I love Main Street?)

And here's a few more shots from 
the Wizarding World of Harry Potter
It was really really cool, I must say!

ButterBeer ZOMG Yum!

Including, but not limited to:
Liver, Squid, Dirt, Glue, Compost, and Strawberry Jelly

Chocolate Frogs

Zonko's Joke Shop

And I spotted Ron Weasley (as seen in his first year)
greating the conductor of the Hogwarts Express
found on platform 9 & 3/4