Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Leroy's First Flight

ok so I was on a flight from DC to Boston today and I had this really crazy flight attendant. First the door was still open and she started at the front of the plane and would stop at every seat where someone had a cell phone out and say “OFF… OFF… OFF… OFF” At first I thought the poor guy didn’t speak English but then she moved on to the next row and she started again… She got to me and again it was “OFF… OFF… OFF… OFF”
Pissed me off so a snarled at her and then turned off my phone and pulled out my new Jenkins Kuchulu instead and started spinning.
When she was through barking at everyone, she went back to the front of the plane to give her spiel on seatbelts, electronics, bathrooms, etc etc etc… You’ve all heard it. Well with every part she would start with ”I’m required to tell you… that you must fasten your seatbelt” I’m required to tell you… etc etc etc Then she said “Once we reach cruising altitude, I am required to serve you a beverage”
At this point, I seriously considered getting off the plane and taking a different one! She was clearly not happy with her job!
So I decided to not like her
Once we were in the air, she stopped at my seat and said “Is that lamb’s wool” me: “yes, it is”
She said “how old was the sheep that you sheered to get that wool?”
HAHA While I know that some of you out there actually do sheer the sheep to get the wool to spin and then knit, I’m afraid that my urban life restricts me to purchasing my wool from kind people who are willing to sheer the sheep and prepare the wool for me!
It just so happens that I was spinning ExtremeSpinning Mountain Spinning Kit Sample.
And then some old man who was WAY to touchy with people when “helping” them put their luggage up came to ask what I was “playing” with.
Anyway, lots of lookie-loos! I don’t care though! I’m practicing for spinning on an international flight!