Saturday, July 10, 2010

Tour de Fleece - Days 5, 6, 7, & 8

I've finally recovered from Jetlag and can post some updates!

I did manage to spin each day this week but
I was so tired that I had to chose between
spinning and blogging. 

The choice was obvious.

Now that I have a good start on my sweater, 
I have found that my desire to knit is
in strong competition with my desire to spin.

which is an interesting dilemma for this particular project 
since I have to spin the yarn before I can knit it.

So the overwhelming desire to knit will
only survive for so long before I have to give in to spinning again!
I am currently running out of yarns to knit,
so their will inevitably be a balance between
knitting and spinning.

For those of you wondering what pattern I am using,
It's a Knitting Pure & Simple pattern for
a Neckdown Long Hooded Cardigan (#225)

However, I'm modifying the pattern past the hood, neck, and armholes!

In fact I woke up this morning 
and knit about 6 inches down the back.
Modifying as I went
Then I tried it on and realized that 
I had modified in the wrong direction.
So I ended up frogging all 6 inches.
The good news is now I have more yarn to knit,
Since I'm about to reknit the same yarn!

I couldn't bring myself to take pictures 
of the sweater in it's wrong state.

Showing some Peacock love to Steve (the spindle!)
He's sporting Craftypuppylover's Daisy.
It even surprises me, how many of Carrie's samples that I have.
Her Toy Story 3 spin-a-long fibers are in the mail!
Can't wait!

I have some new awesome samples from Corgi Hill
These are super lush!
Corgi Hill Merino and Silk on Radar
Corgi Hill BFL on Chuck
Corgi Hill Merino and Cashmere on Sally
This is the sample (Calypso) that Jess with Storied Yarns sent me!
 I realized after spinning it that this is her July Phat Fiber sample!
How cool that I got a sample destined for the July box
before the boxes are released??

Also, I sent her a surprise package of German goodies!
She blogged about it here!
It is amazing how the internets
allows people of similar interests to come together!

This is from Silver Sun Alpacas,
who is another one of my favorite fiber artist!
This sample was a part of the Spindies
Peacock Paintbox.
Each month they pick a different color for the paint box
and 10 contributors send 1/2oz samples in that color!