Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Most Amazing Sweater EVER EVer ever Update

LOOK!! I'm almost done!
Waiting to finish is making me twitch...

Here's a few pictures to hold everyone over!

The funny part is,
I refuse to put my sweater in my checked luggage,
and it's too big to go in my carry on.
So, my only choice is to wear it home!!
I ran the last yarn through the stitches and pulled out the needles!
It will make a fabulous blanket on my flights.
And it will be interesting to see people's reactions
to it's first public appearance!

It's such a shame that it's 100 degrees at home.


 I completed my Germany socks!

Then I realized that I knitted them upside down,
So I will have to walk on my hands when I wear them!

Or keep my toes stuck up in the air, like this:

 So, I decided to fold the edge in on the hood
and front of the Amazing sweater and include a drawstring.
One for the hood and one to close the front!

So I spun up:
CraftyPuppyLover's pink and red pretty

And CCSmile2006's Sunflowers

Then I did a 3 strand Navajo ply!!


Would you like a pint of yarn mate?

Lookie! Someone who loves me,
gave me the uber cool black scarf from geFiltz!
And I'm going back to visit Edith tomorrow! YAY