Friday, July 2, 2010

The Most Amazing Sweater EVER!!!!

OK well, maybe not, my history with 
handknit sweaters hasn't been that great.

Some of you may remember the dead cat incident...

But I'm trying again

And in a BIG way!

After my visit to Bella Yarns and hanging out with Naomi,
she convinced me that if I were to ever knit a sweater,
top down is the only way to go!

I bought a pattern from her that day.
For a top down, hooded, long sweater jacket.
She sold me on it when she explained that I can alter
and change it as I knit since I can try it on
every step of the way!

Then I got one of my many brilliant ideas,
given my miserable history with hand knit sweaters,
I'll make this one out of only spindle handspun yarns,
made entirely out of sample size bits of wool,
from Phat Fiber, Fibreholics, and anyone who wants
to chip in some pretty wool for

Oh and I'll turn it into a cloak/cape style
that will go all the way to the ground.



Maybe I have lost my mind....

But I should put all this spinning to use right?
I started about 5 days ago...
And this is where I am:

And I know what you are thinking:
"Wow that's a big bean bag!"

Well, It's not a damn bean bag!
It's a Love Sac

Also, that's a really really ridiculously small Love Sac

This is a really really ridiculously big Love Sac