Sunday, March 21, 2010

Singing & Dancing with Leroy, Jenkins, & Graymane in the Flowers with Yarn in my Coffee

Lots more Fibery good stuff in the mail this week!

I got my Jenkins spindles and I just love them!
I can't express enough how awesome it is to spin
with a Turkish Spindle! Who knew?

Now I can't wait to get to the airport so that I can
show off my spinning skills
to all the lookie-loos
who will stare at me like I'm crazy!

So, the coolest thing about this spindle is that it
comes apart when you are done spinning
and all you are left with is a
center-pull ball of yarn!

How cool is that!

So here is Baby Leroy and his amazing Tricks!

First up Leroy is showing off his plied Targhee Wool
which was the clever packing material
that Wanda used to get him here safely!

Next the Shaft is Removed

Removed the first cross-bar

And then the second

And Abracadabra we have a center-pull ball of yarn all nice and neat!!!

I LOVE how shiny this wool is!!

This is Leroy, pretending to be the Eiffel Tower

Next Up
Jenkins with Baby Leroy
Jenkins is sporting 50/50 Finn Mohair
that I hand carded with a Silk Hankie
And Leroy is showing off some more white wool
All of which was more packing material from Wanda.

(Thanks Wanda and Ed!!!)

Then I plied them together
(I think I liked them as singles better...)

I also got in my fibers from Bohemian Knitter Chic
For her Alice in Wonderland Spin Along
If you are interested in seeing the other batts/yarns
you can check it out on her Ravelry Group

This one is called "Singing with the Flowers"
It includes: Merino, Bamboo, Fake Cashmere, Soy, Milk, & Angelina

I decided it was time to step outside of my comfort zone
and try something new.

This is my first attempt at Core Spinning
I picked up a copy of Intertwined
by Lexi Boeger also known as Pluckyfluff
And I can't wait to try out all kinds of CRAZY artyarns!

If anyone happens to find a copy of Handspun Revolution by Pluckyfluff
that is not selling for $100 (i.e. I don't want to pay over retail)
Let me know, because I really want a copy
and apparently so does everyone else.

Here is Graymane all plied and ready for primetime!!!
This is from my Shep Shed mill ends and I have
enough left for at least two more skeins!!

And finally, I found the coolest Yarn Bowl at
Hobby Lobby this week!

Check it out! It's a GIANT mug!
The picture really doesn't show the scale well
but trust me, it's huge!
And see the convenient little hole at the bottom for my yarn?

Plus it was half off!
Too cool for $5!!