Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Phat Fiber Saves the Day!!!!


My Phat Fiber boxes came today!

It was just like Christmas,
I had to stop to catch my breath periodically
as I pulled fibery goodness after fibery goodness from the boxes!
Oh wait... If you don't know what Phat Fiber is take 5 minutes
to go read here: Phat Fiber Awesomeness
Then come back!

Every month Indie Dyers, Spinners, Artists, etc
Donate samples to these boxes.There are a very limited number
of boxes each month.

And once a month, on a secret date, at a secret time...

The Phat Fiber Boxes go up for sale in the Phat Fiber Etsy Store!

And for 20 glorious seconds Fiber addicts
from around the world virtually duke it out for a chance to purchase one!

I was lucky enough to score 2!!!

This month's theme was the Elements

I can't help myself, my first picture had to be
of my very favorritesteses one!!!!
I really wanted this sample the most!
This is from The Critter Ranch

Boxes pre-opening:

Fluff Box - Almost open

Stitch Markers and Buttons

The Fluff Box

The Regular Mixed Box

I squeeeeed
when I saw my Captain Planet Batt
And immediately started singing...

Now I have a guilty confession:
I also bought a Spindle (or two...)
from Jenkins

But look at how cute these things are:

The plan is to take my teensy spindles and my phat fiber
with me on my many upcoming adventures!

Also, it makes me think of
Leroy Jenkins

Don't click this link if you are easily offended
by computer geeks cursing loudly at one another over vent

Leroy Jenkins is in no way related to the extremely talented Ed Jenkins
who makes these beautiful spindles,
I'm certain that Ed would never run into a room full of Whelps while shouting