Saturday, March 6, 2010

Spinning Mad

Hi Everyone! Turns out life is just to crazy for me to ever have time to blog.
I'll try to throw some stuff this way when I get a chance.

This is from Silver Sun Alpaca's Wizard of Oz Spin Along

There will be competition posted soon on Ravelry.

Keep an eye out and go vote for me once it's up!

I promise I won't bug you like last time (but I did win ;))

So, this is what I've been doing.

Well in between work (which is completely nuts atm),
making blankets for Project Linus.
Which I am doing as part of Disney's Give a Day Get a Day program.
Knitting random things like hoods and gloves and lots of socks.
Oh and I'm A L M O S T done with my quilt square for
the Dream Rocket program.

And yes, I've been "almost" done with it for 2 months...

I'm getting ready to go on another travel whirlwind.
So, hopefully I'll have some interesting things to report soon!