Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Beginning

I'm getting ready to open my very own Etsy store!!!


I've been spinning like mad and resisting the urge
to knit with the yarns I am creating!
I've decided that I want to name all of my yarn based on things in my Internet life.

I'm beginning with my World of Warcraft guild as my source of inspiration.
When I run out of names there, I will look somewhere else.
So, here are some of my lovelies:

First up:

Spun from Sheep Shed Mill Ends
and I can't brag enough about this stuff!
It spins like butter and it's so purdy too!
I'm going to spin another bobbin full and then 2-ply it


The next two were part of Silver Sun Alpaca's Wizard of Oz Spin A Long
and the pictures do not do justice to the amount of sparkle here!

Holy Sparkle

(and for those of you who don't know or don't remember,
Hobbes is Jinx's white tiger!)

MagicFran (White)

MagicFran (black)


Badger said...

Awesome, i especially like holysparkle :D :D :D