Friday, May 7, 2010

Male Ducks are Jerks

Nearly an hour of my time in Disneyland
was occupied by these ducklings.

They were lost and were crying for their Mama.

Luckily a Cast Member had seen them and came
to protect them from the many park goers
that would have loved to scoop one up.

She knew that they shouldn't be touched
and she was trying to herd the poor babies
off the side of a bridge to the water below.
(at least a 10 foot drop,
which is enormous when
you are 3 inches tall!)

Soon a group of people showed up to help
and we were all giving words of encouragement
to the poor duckies.

You can do it! Jump!

Seriously, I'm in Disneyland and I spend
precious time looking out for the well being
of these little guys.

But what can I say, I needed to know they were ok.

They lined up on the side of the bridge
and timidly looked over the edge.

One by one, they eventually jumped
and landed safely in the water below!


Once they were all safe,
we realized why they had been lost in the first place.

Apparently it's mating season,
and that Duck that is posing as the Daddy duck,
is really chasing the Mama duck down
like the pig, I mean duck, that he is.

The poor Mama was out numbered 6 to 1 by the male ducks.
They all chased her down at the same time
and grabbed her by the neck and pushed
her under the water.

I thought for sure they were trying to kill her.

We were all screaming for them to stop,
until a guy who apparently worked for
the parks department came over and explained
that no, they were just trying to mate with her.
Very aggressively

She did eventually get away from them and flew away.
We all cheered for her escape.

But alas, she had abandoned her babies once again.

From now on, I will always call men "Ducks"
when they are too forward.