Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Bella Yarns and Vertex

OK so it turns out that with all of the amazing things that an iPad can do, creating posts in blogspot, is not one of them. But then again, I suspect that it's really blogspot's fault since it's very non-user friendly to create posts on a full size computer!

But with the use of my iPhone and this iPad combined, I think I have found a way to post. I can not, however, change the order of the pictures! So we'll go in circles!

I'm in Rhode Island tonight and will be heading to the airport at 4:00am to fly to Charlotte then to Huntsville (get off the plane, drive home as quick as I can to grab my Phat Fiber boxes!!!!!!) then back to the airport to fly back to Charlotte then to Frankfurt and finally on to Munich!

Yes, I know it's crazy, even I wonder what I am thinking at times!

But while in Rhode Island, I searched for local yarn stores that were open after 5:00pm. As you all know, there aren't many.

The only one was Bellla Yarns and all I can say is WOW! Cool store! I arrived 30 minutes before closing time and met Naomi! We hit it off right away due to our similar fiber addictions. She locked the front door when the store closed and stayed there with me for another hour and half as we played show and tell! We had such fun!

I picked up some awesome fiber and yarn from the Sheep Shop yarn company, who is unfortunately no longer in business. :(

But they are lovely!

I gave Naomi a short crash course in how to spin with a Turkish spindle and she was calling Jenkins as I left the shop to place her order!! Yay!!!

I also found a great book on working with fibers and a top down sweater pattern that I'm excited to try with hand spun yarns!!!

ok I'm growing weary from trying to edit this on the iPad so I'll come back later and add more details and links. But for now this is from Galia's Vertex pattern and knitted with my handspun Hobbledehoy Gemmy yarn!

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