Monday, May 3, 2010

I've Got A Golden Ticket!

I've got a golden chance to make my way!
And with a Golden Ticket it's a Golden Day!
This weekend, we are in Disneyland in sunny California!
And it turns out that if you have an annual pass to
Walt Disney World in Florida, and an annual pass to
Disneyland Resort in California...



This is like the meca Disney pass, I get a whopping 20%
And 15% off all food.
This makes for Happy Disney Days
(not that there are ever any non-happy Disney days!)

I found some real live goats in Big Thunder Ranch in the Magic Kingdom

They were so sweet and wanted to be loved.
I introduced Leroy to them!

And then this rascal ate my hat, right off my head.

This is the hat in question:

This was the face he made after eating my hat...
must have tasted bad!

At least he didn't try to eat Leroy!

Last week was the Teacups in WDW this week DLR!

And if there is one thing that Leroy as learned in the last few weeks,
it really is a Small World after all!

This is a Jana Door
They are all over the world and sized just for me.
But I think this one might be a bit too small.
No Time to Say Hello, Goodbye!
There are 24 usable hours in everyday!
Don't be Chicken Leroy

Forgot to mention, the beautiful Red fiber I am spinning
is from Craftypuppylover and was in my
April Phat Fiber box!!!!
I want more!