Thursday, May 20, 2010

Phat Fiber Saves the Day!!

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See here’s the thing:

I flew from Rhode Island to Charlotte to Huntsville this morning, a dear friend of mine who I called at 5:00am went to my house on his way to work, retrieved my passport and Phat Fiber boxes and took them to another friend of mine who met me at AAA where I was hoping to get an international drivers permit. She hands off the boxes and passport and I drove straight back to the airport to catch another flight back to Charlotte. I quickly crammed the contents of my boxes into easy to manage bags and boarded the flight. For the next hour, I squeeed as I pulled fiber goodness after fiber goodness from the bag and arranged them in my train case.

So here we are now, in Charlotte, waiting to board a flight to Frankfurt.

I left out the details that lead to the point of my story but, Phat Fiber saved the day!!

Oh the things we do for love!!