Friday, May 7, 2010

Is That a Cat Toy?

I get a lot of comments when I spin in public.
They range from "What are you playing with"
to "What the heck are you doing"

But this one took the cake!

This is David who on this day was working
the Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage
ride in Disneyland.

When it was almost my time to load into the submarine
he says "Is that a cat toy?"

I started laughing and said,
"That is so going in my blog!"
He even offered to even pose with Leroy for me!
Thanks David!

Then he said he understood,
his crazy obsession is Geocaching
and he gave me a Geocoin

I do have a hidden cache of my own
and I was planning to post the coordinates here
but it turns out it's been a few years
and I forgot my password and can't find
the coordinates for my cache.
I guess it's really bad when the
owner can't find it.

Oh well, I use to have a cache...
Just showing off how well coordinated Leroy and I were.

Rocking Space Mountain really rocks!

I must admit that this one is better than the one in WDW!


Cute kid chasing Alice and the Mad Hatter
No idea who she is,
just thought it was worth a picture!

We've been over this you dumb princess...

Look Leroy and Clifford made it to Hollywood!

I always knew the little guy was going to be famous one day!