Monday, August 30, 2010

Saying Goodbye...

Galia's Fruit Salad all spun up and ready for the Sweater O' Amazing

Fruit Salad Navajo Plied

This is my Pirates Gold from CraftyPuppyLover
Who says you can spin straw into gold??

Navajo Plied GOLD

I have been contacted by so many people lately
about selling my spindles. 
It's a good thing that the Jenkins sent me so many extras, 
because they have all found new homes now.

Chuck and Sally have gone to live with Edith in Germany, 
Shelby is going to live with my BFF (Best Fiber Friend)
the Purpleheart Standard has gone to Jennifer's house in Connecticut,
and tomorrow, Jenkins is getting on a plane all by himself
to go live with Judith in the Netherlands!

I had a really hard time parting with him 
so I took him for one last spin!

This is GrapeSheep's Grape Spinable Smoothie
(it was fun to spin, you should go grab one!!)

To all of you who are getting new spindles from me, 
I'd love to see pictures of your spindles
in their new homes! 
Show me where they are spinning off to!
If you email your pics to me at:
I'll post their updates here!

And a small sweater update...
This is where I left my sweater before flying
home from Germany (wearing it in the airport!).
I've been spinning like crazy and hope to get my yarns
washed and ready to knit before the weekend. 

You can see my CraftyPuppyLover Toy Story Spin-a-long fibers her!
from the bottom up: Buzz, Woody, Hamm, and Rex!