Tuesday, August 24, 2010

What An Exciting Day!!!

I have some big news!


that's not big enough!!

I mean



But, I'm not sure I can tell you just yet...
In fact, I think everyone should wait until...
well, until I am given the go ahead.

 For now, I will share this with you all:

In other exciting news

I got a package from Galia!!!

This is the cutest little project bag 
and it is literally the perfect size for Leroy!

To all of you Kuchulu lovers out there,
I have it on good authority that Galia
is poised and ready to make these little
bags for everyone out of different fabrics!

Watch for them in her Etsy Store!!

 And the fiber is perfect for the next stripe in my sweater!
Now I have to make the final push to finish!
I'm less inspired now that I'm home in this insane heat!!

Oh and I nearly forgot!
This pretty little lady needs a new home:

She's only been with me for a short while,
Just long enough to fly to Germany to meet Edith!
But now, I have to make a little room, for uh...
um... I mean... She doesn't like it here.
She get's airsick.

Right, yes, that's the ticket!
She has found a new home!
(and I'm an idiot, that's all I'm saying)