Sunday, August 1, 2010

Announcing For the First Time EVER!

CHROME64 Batt Launch!!!
(I so wish I had a Bat catapult to kick off the Batt Launch!)

Introducing, for the first time EVER,
Chrome64 Batts!
Appropriately sized in smaller portions for those
great creative patchwork projects like

To kick things off properly,
I'm offering Free Shipping through out the store!

AND, I will be unavailable to ship any
purchases between August 6-20.
So to make it up to you,
if you place an order during that time,
you will get a German Chocolate Surprise in your package.
All orders placed during the German Chocolate Sale will be shipped on August 21st.

If you place an order prior to August 6th and
really want some German Chocolate,
just include a note and your order will ship with the others on August 21st!