Saturday, July 31, 2010

Yarn Mail

Well this has been one of those insanely 
crazy weeks that I just did not expect!

I spent the early part of the week in Boston.

I did a LOT of spinning on airplanes

And during breaks at my meeting

And at the Hotel

And at the Airport

And when I got home, I had

 First up, I got Spinable Smoothies from Grape Sheep

Next is Bohoknitterchic's All the Fish in the Sea
(I've already spun one of them up so it's not in the photo!!)

Lampyridae traded one of her batts for the 
Ladybug project bag that I got in my July Phat Fiber box!
Look at how amazing this fiber is!!
It has Chitosan in it! 
And when I asked Lampyridae, what the heck is that? she said: 
"The Chitosan is produced from crustaceans from the sea
--their shells are made of substances like our fingernails 
(well-not exactly but somewhat). 
That is the stuff that makes up filters for wine-makers 
(not all of them will use that kind)."
It's very very shiney and pretty!


 And for the Tour de Fleece finals,
I won the category "Spinning in the Most Interesting Places"
As my prize I got a surprise package from CCSmile2006
She sent me an amazing assortment of baby batts

Ok actually, these will all go in the Sweater O Amazing!!

Unless of course, I finish sweater before I finish fiber...

I've been mulling over ideas of what to do next!
I'm open to suggestions!

Oh and I spun up my Craftypuppylover Toy Story Woody Batt
 Doesn't that look so Woody?

One last note them I'm off to more adventures,
Tomorrow, I have an exciting announcement.

That is all.