Friday, July 2, 2010

geFilzt in Marktoberdorf, Germany

  On Thursday I was lucky enough to visit Edith Stiefenhofer
in her lovely shop in Marktoberdorf!!
It was so much fun and I really enjoyed
playing show and tell with Edith!
It's always great to find someone who shares your love
for whatever your hobby is!
In my case, I get absolutely giddy when I find a fellow fiber enthusiast!

Edith is fantastically talented and does
the most amazing things with wool and water!
The black scarf hanging on the mirror here is mine,
it just doesn't know it yet!!
I'm now officially saving my euro cents
and plan to go back and get it on one of my future visits!!!

Edith, if you sell it, just go ahead and make another one for me!!

This is Edith's watchdog and he watches over the shop when she is away!

He is not for sale!!

She had dozens of things that I would have liked to have taken home
with me but I settled with this haul for now!!

I showed her my progress and plan for
"the most amazing sweater EVER!"
She was impressed with what I was doing so much
that she gave me some of her very own hand dyed wool
(the purple and green on the bottom).
She also gave me some of the "Space Dyed"
pencil roving she uses for her own handspun artyarn!!

This is the amazing view from her shop!
And for those that have never been here,
yes, all of Bavaria is this beautiful!
To the people who live here, don't take it for granted!
Go outside and appreciate the beauty!!!


There were Sheep!!

They were sweltering in the 28C!!
Which makes me giggle since this is 82.4F!!
Back home, that's what we get on a nice spring day.

I'm guessing they wouldn't be interested in
coming home with me to my lovely 34.5C (94F)

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