Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tour de Fleece - Day 11

OK about Turkish spindles...

This is why I love them:

I bought a spindle from a little LYS
in New Mexico 3 years ago and tried spinning.
I failed miserably and said nope, not for me.

Not less than one year ago, I proudly stated
"I am not a spinner, I don't have time, I tried that once and failed,
it would only take away from my knitting time..."

Then in November of 2009, for reasons I do not know,
I bought another spindle and decided I would try again.
I was much more successful but quickly decided that
it was far to slow and I just did not have time.

So, I immediately decided that I had to have a wheel.

I purchased a Kromski Sonata in December, sight unseen.
December 25, I tried to spin on a wheel.
I failed, miserably.
I wondered if I had just wasted an insane amount
of money on another fiber related whim.

Mid January, I tried to spin on the wheel again.
This time, with much more success and
I quickly started producing pretty yarns.
I loved my spinning wheel.

You all know I travel a lot.
So it didn't take long before I realized
that my wheel was getting no love.
I would have time to spin about one day a month.
It was really frustrating.

Then I saw these really cute Turkish Spindles
on the Spindle Candy thread.
I knew right away, I had to have one.
I sent about 5 emails, that made little sense,
telling Ed and Wanda Jenkins
how excited I was to have discovered their little spindles.

I had never used a Turkish Spindle, or a bottom whorl,
and I only had about 2 hours of spinning time on a top whorl.
I called Wanda to explain the confusing emails and to explain
why I needed these spindles so much!

I told her about all of my upcoming travels and
promised to take pictures of my spindles in all the new places...

This was in March 2010
This was also the first month that
I was successful at scoring a Phat Fiber box!
What a pair!

Anyway, long story short,
I haven't put my Turkish Spindles down since then!

It's great being able to take the spindle apart,
I can 2 ply or Navajo ply with no additional work or tools.
This means that all I need is a poof of fiber and a Jenkins
and I'm good to go anywhere anytime!

Another big difference between a Top Whorl and a Turkish,
is that I can stop the spindle by sitting it on the ground or in my lap.
This means that I am in complete control of my drafting
and spinning speed at all times.
I can spin at a speed that I feel comfortable with,
with nothing more than a flick of the top of the whorl.

Not to mention that they just look pretty when the yarn is wrapped on,
And the cop looks like a cute little turtle when you take the spindle apart.

I have tried every Turkish on the market
that I have been able to get my hands on.
Jenkins is by far the best but that being said,
Spanish Peacock and IST Crafts
are extremely nice spindles, I love both of mine (Steve and Radar)!!

So, I know this was a long story
but I had to tell you everything so that you would understand
that I really have tried the other options.
AND I've really only been spinning with a spindle for 4 months.

Spinning with a Turkish is really what made the difference!

ETA: forgot to mention that I have a practically brand new
Kromski Sonata with 4 bobbins and a lazy kate and bag
that kind of needs a loving home.... Just sayin....