Monday, July 19, 2010

Tour de Fleece - Day 17

I would like very much to post the names of all the Fiber Artist's fibers that I have spun since the Tour de Fleece started but Blogger is just being stupid and won't let me do it.

OK apparently, Blogger has serious issues if you try to post a list.
Instead, you have to type them in paragraph form.
So, here you go:

AtomicBlue, BitsyKnits, BohoKnitterChic, ByRebekahwithLove, Chrome64, CJDelights, CorgiHill, CozyCoveFarm, CraftyPuppyLover, DesertGardenFarms, eXtremeSpinning, FriendsinFiber, FroggyFibers, GalesArt, geFiltz, Giffordables, H.A.Y., HippiePenguinFibers, AColorfulLife, KnitCave, KnittinK, Loop, MoonWoodFarm, Picperfic, PrancingPixel, SilverSunAlpacas, Spindipity, SpinStitchSew, StoriedYarns, SweetPeaFibers, TheBearNecessities, TheCritterRanch, WCMercantile, WildethymeArt

These are all of the Fibers that I have spun so far:

Alpaca, Angelina, Angora, Baby Alpaca, Bamboo, Banana, BFL, BL X, Border Beicester Lamb Locks, Cashmere, Corriedale, Cotswold Locks, Crystal Nylon, Dorset, Faux Angora, Faux Cashmere, Finn, Fire Star, Flax, Gotland, Hemp, Kid Mohair, Llama, Merino, Milk Protein, Mohair Locks, Mulberry Silk, Nylon, Polworth, Rambouillet, Recycled Soda Bottle, Romney Lamb Locks, Romney Locks, Sari Silk, Seacell, Silk, Silk Noil, Soy Silk, Superfine Merino, SW Merino, Targee, Tencel, Tussah Silk, Waste Silk, Wensleydale, Wensleydale Locks, Wool Nepps

I will update these lists when the sweater is complete

OK, I've got some serious spinning to do before the 21st.

So I'll update the links above later!