Friday, July 16, 2010

Tour de Fleece - Day 14

Spinning in the Beauty Salon...

I'm still trying to clean up the mess 
that the old man with clippers left.

Turns out that my new Myrtle Delight is named Shelby.
 She got lots of attention while my hair changed colors... again.

This is how it turned out:

Have any of you ever heard of Gigi's Cupcakes?
They are INSANE!
Serious amounts of sugar, 
your heart will race for a few hours if you ever eat even half of one.
But if you ever get a chance, 
you absolutely must try one!

When I finally got home, I was greeted by a package from Craftpuppylover!

It was my July Sample (LOTS O GOLD!):

And my Toy Story Spin Along Batts!!!

Rex and Hamm

Woody and Buzz
These are destined for the bottom portion of my AWESOME
sweater/cape since they are a good deal 
bigger than my normal samples.

Also, I'm out of Phat Fiber Samples... Seriously, all gone
Timing is everything!