Thursday, July 22, 2010

Tour de Fleece - Day 20

Challenge Fail

All week, I thought the day of Challenge for the TdF was Sunday.

So, I've planned all my weekend plans around
spinning on Sunday.

Turns out, today was the day to spin something challenging...


SO, I've decided to reschedule the TdF day of Challenge to Sunday
Please notify everyone.

For my challenge, I will be conducting an experiment
I am going to time myself spinning on my wheel,
measure the yardage and then reset the clock.
I will then spin on my spindles for the same amount of time.
Measure the yardage from the spindles
and see if I can spin just as fast on my spindles as I do on a wheel.

Also, this is the final test for my wheel.
If, at the end of the weekend, I am not as in love
with my wheel, as I am with my spindles,
I will be selling my Sonata!

Fiber Fancy - Shipwrecked

Giffordables - Sweet Pickins Caribbean

Sweet Pea Fibers - One Eyed Willie

Creature Comforts - Shiver Me Timbers

Spinnerette Fibers - Enchanted Forest