Thursday, July 15, 2010

Tour de Fleece - Day 13

Chuck with Corgi Hill Mulberry Silk

My newest little gem, a yet to be named Myrtle Delight!
With more Corgi Hill!

More Corgi Hill Silk!
looks a lot like Jenkins, 
and while it is in fact made by the mighty Jenkins, 
it is not the namesake spindle, 
it is a new one that has come to live with me. 
This one is made of Desert Ironwood! 
Very Pretty!

The Critter Ranch - Fairy Dust Dreams on Jenkins

Sally with...
can you believe it...
 more Corgi Hill!

Radar with Moonwood Farm's Peacock Milk Fiber
And last but not least, Leroy
Who got dressed today during a covert spinning operation
Did you know that you can spin with out the drop?
With these wee little spindles you can flip the spindle
over in your hand and send the twist up 2-3 inches at a time.

This requires little arm movement, and little focus.
So you can do this while, say, sitting in a meeting.
Assuming that you are sitting at a table
and the people sitting next to don't mind =)

Leroy is wearing fiber by Wildethyme Art

And here's a sweater update!

I'm using size 9 Webs Interchangeable needles on the sleeves.

These are super cheap knitting needles but
they have one of the best joins of any
interchangeable needle on the market!

I'd love to have a full set!
I've decreased down to the elbow,
Now I'm going to start increasing rather rapidly to the wrist.

I'm almost completely out of my Phat Fiber Samples.
Maybe 1 or 2 left... those will be spun by tomorrow night.
So I guess it's a good thing that the next one is due very very soon!

I should also say,
tomorrow I'm showing Chuck, Sally, and Jenkins
to a friend of mine who is looking for a birthday
present for her niece.

One of them will be going home with her...
But I know they will be well loved!
She is a 15 year old girl who has taught herself to knit!
She's only been knitting for less than a year
and she's already knitting gloves and lace!

I know she will love spinning and will make beautiful things!
I'm always happy to spread the Jenkins love.
Plus, it gave me justification to bring the Myrtle Delight
home to it's rightful Jenkins family!